Used Car Headlights And Tail Lights For Sale

If your vehicle’s head or tail lights have been damaged, have run their course, or have been stolen, they need to be replaced immediately. Without them working properly, you not only put yourself at risk for causing an accident; you also put yourself at risk of being pulled over by law enforcement.

At American Dismantling, we offer used car headlights for sale, tail lights, and turn signal lights. Whatever kind of light your vehicle needs, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

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Headlights are a necessity for driving in the dark or in situations with low visibility, such as fog, snow, or rain. They typically need to be replaced after minor car accidents, or if the headlamp is damaged due to weather or general wear and tear. Headlights can also fade in the sun.

If you’re looking for used car headlights for sale, American Dismantling will have what you need. We have hundreds of used headlights for you to select from that will be a perfect match for your car or truck.

How To Know When You Need New Headlights

• They have a foggy, yellowish tint. When debris such as rocks and gravel fly up and hit the lights as the vehicle is being driven, it can result in the headlight lenses becoming damaged. Dirt and chemicals can also cause headlights to get foggy or yellow.

• They’re flickering or becoming dim. This is similar to the light bulbs in your home. Flickering or dimming means that they are getting worn out, and are near the end of their life.

• They’re always blowing fuses. Fuses can blow because of faulty headlight bulbs or bulbs that do not have the correct wattage, and these will need to be replaced.

• The low beams don’t work, but the high beams do. This could be caused by the headlight’s bulb.

• They simply aren’t working. If one of your headlights isn’t working at all, the bulb has completely burned out and will need to be replaced.

Tail Lights

It’s so frustrating to get pulled over for having a tail light out, but it happens. It’s also dangerous for other drivers, so it’s very important to get your tail light replaced when it needs to be.

If you’re looking for used tail lights for sale, check our inventory tool or call us to find out what we have in stock. We offer hundreds of used car tail lights for sale, so we’re certain to have what you need.

If your tail light has been damaged, is out, doesn’t work when the headlight switch is activated, or doesn’t work when brakes are applied, it’s time to get it replaced.

Turn Signal Lights

Your turn signal light definitely needs to be working properly. When you drive with a burned-out turn signal light, you’re at risk for receiving a ticket and/or heavy fines. You’re also endangering other drivers and yourself.

Within our huge facility at American Dismantling, we will have exactly the right turn signal light for your vehicle.

LED, Xenon, And Halogen Headlights

Vehicles come standard with one of three specific types of headlights: halogen, LED, or Xenon.

• Halogen: This is the type of headlight that most vehicles come with. They use a tungsten-halogen filament mixed with halogen gas to create a much brighter light than conventional headlights, and they can emit either white or blue beams. (The whiter the light, the brighter the beam.)

• LED: LEDs require less power to operate than halogens. They also run cooler and last longer. However, they are more expensive than halogens.

• Xenon/HID: Xenon/HID headlights use gas instead of a heated filament. They are brighter, have a lower operating temperature, and last longer — however, they are also more expensive than halogens.

If you’re not sure which type of headlight your vehicle has, check your owner’s manual, or ask us! One of our auto professionals will know. At American Dismantling, we will have the used highlight you need, no matter which type it is.

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Brake Lights

Brake lights are a vital part of vehicle safety. It’s of the utmost importance that you replace your brake light if it’s damaged or not working. You will also be pulled over if law enforcement notices your brake light is out.

Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights are LED lights that turn on automatically whenever you turn your vehicle on. Their purpose is to increase your car or truck’s visibility to other road users. Most late-model cars come with them.

If your daytime running lights don’t come on, stay on when the car is turned off, or create a burning smell, they need to be replaced. At American Dismantling, we can help you. We have many choices for daytime running light replacements.

What’s The Difference Between Tail Lights And Brake Lights?

In many vehicles, the brake lights and the tail lights are located on the same globe, meaning the same external covering covers both lights.

Some vehicles, however, have separate globes. Tail lights illuminate when you turn on your headlights or when your parking brake is on, but brake lights will illuminate when you apply pressure to the brakes.

On most vehicles, tail lights are red and the brake lights are a more luminous red.

Get Your Used Lights Today!

At American Dismantling, we will help you locate the replacement headlight or tail light you need for your car, sedan, or SUV. We are happy to offer hundreds of used car headlights and tail lights for sale within our vast inventory, so take a look today!