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Used Car Center Consoles for Sale

The car center console, or sometimes called armrest console, has a variety of parts and storage compartments depending on a car’s make and brand. Car center consoles act as the central hub of your car to make it complete. This includes providing passengers extra storage and conveniences such as cup holders, tissue holders, and charging ports.

Buying a used car center console is a great way to save money and keep your car in top form.

Car Center Consoles & Armrest From American Dismantling

Here at American Dismantling, we have a variety of used car center consoles from brands such as Nissan, Honda, Jeep, and Mercedez. Our large inventory covers large to small-sized SUVs, trucks, and sedans. 

As an official equipment manufacturer, all our parts are guaranteed to be authentic and 100% functional.

Center Consoles for American Dismantling

How to Know When Your Car Center Console Needs Replacement

Look for these essential signs to know when you need to replace your car center console and armrest: 

  • The material is starting to tear and become uncomfortable.
  • Heavy stains have caused discoloration and buildup.
  • Broken lock systems making it difficult to access.
  • Electronic equipment in it becomes damaged.

Used Car Center Console for SUVs

With SUVs being one of the largest types of cars in the market, expect it to have more storage. SUV center consoles tend to have more than enough storage, as well as more space for different features. This can include additional cupholder space and extra charging ports.

Used Center Console for Trucks

Depending on the brand, some trucks offer more storage units than others. Make sure to know the specific size of your center console by finding out the measurements you need to replace it. Car center consoles for work trucks tend to break down sooner than other vehicles due to the amount of use they get.

Used Car Center Console for Sedans

While sedans don’t offer as much storage space for the driver, the center console typically offers conveniences such as cupholders, charging ports, and system controls.

Car Rear Console at American Dismantling

What’s the Difference Between A Front and Rear Center Console?

Front armrest consoles are located between the driver and passenger seat, while rear car center consoles are in the back passenger seat. Most of the time, front center consoles offer more storage than the rear.

In more modern cars, the rear center console acts as a pull-down in the middle seating area. Most rear center consoles provide passengers with small storage, cup holders, and charging ports.

Type of Material for Center Consoles

Depending on the type of vehicle and trim package that you have, your car’s center console may be leather, vinyl, or cloth. All materials have their own benefits, but it’s important that when replacing your part with a used center console, you find the right color and material.


Many of our luxury car brands come with leather interior and a leather center console. If your vehicle is older you may have noticed the console starting to have wear and tear. We inspect all of our center consoles to ensure the leather is in good condition and all electronics are functional.


If your vehicle doesn’t have leather, the car center console may be vinyl which can sometimes easily rip. We offer plenty of vinyl used center consoles in a wide range of late-model vehicles. We inspect all our center consoles and can match the color of the material your vehicle has.


Cloth center consoles are extremely common. Cloth center consoles tend to wear out the easiest. Dirt and grime typically build up on the armrest. Replace yours with a used center console today. We offer plenty of makes, brands, and colors to ensure you have the right fit.

Find The Perfect CarCenter Console and Armrest Today!

Whether it’s upgrading your storage or replacing worn-out material, we provide our customers with great quality used center consoles for a variety of different car brands. Make sure to take a look at our extensive inventory to find exactly what you’re looking for.