Interior Moldings at American Dismantling

Interior Trims, Moldings, and Bezels For Sale

If you want to further upgrade the look and feel of your car, think about changing your interior moldings. You want to have your vehicle look a certain way and we can help with that. By routinely testing our products for quality and durability, we can ensure you’re happy with our services. 

Window Switch Trim

Although window switch trims are a small detail, they are important in creating a color theme in your vehicle. These trims surround all window switches on your doors and can help complete the look you’re looking for.

Dashboard Trim

The dashboard trim of your car is one of the centerpieces to the aesthetic of your car. The color and style of trim you have for the dashboard will elevate the smaller trims and details within your interior. We’ll make sure to work with you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Radio Bezel at American Dismantling

Radio Bezel

Radio bezels can often get scratched or crack due to the amount of use they get. And since that is an area that is highly visible to the driver, it can be a sore spot to look at when driving. We have plenty of different brands of vehicles so there’s a good chance we have the right radio bezel you are looking to replace.

Gear Shift Bezel

The gear shifter gets a lot of use during your drives, especially for those that have a manual transmission. The bezels and trim surrounding it can get knicks and scratches or potentially cracks. You don’t have to let it be a sore spot for you. Call us to see if we carry the right fit and color for your vehicle.

Gear Shift Bezel at American Dismantling

Door Sill Plates

Door sill plates, otherwise known as kick plates, offer a great aesthetic once you open your car door. We offer a variety of different colors to match the type of style you’re looking for. 

We’ll Help You Find Your Style

Finding the right patterns, color palette, and aesthetic theme for your vehicle is important to us. Our used interior trims will make sure to have your car looking fresh and new again, while saving you money in the process. If you have any questions about any of our inventory or services, make sure to contact us!