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Used Car Doors For Sale

If your car door has gotten dented or banged up, that is not a good look. When this happens, most car owners want to get a replacement immediately, but obviously don’t want to break the bank.

At American Dismantling, we have a huge variety of used car doors for sale to replace yours. Check out our inventory to see if we have the used car door you want to match your vehicle.

Used Truck Doors

Besides used car doors for sale, we also provide plenty of options for used truck doors. We offer many differently sized doors for crew cabs, extended cabs, and single cab trucks.

American Dismantling - Car Parts -Used Sedan Doors

Used Sedan Doors

Looking for a car door replacement for your sedan? We got you. Sedans are the most common type of vehicle in America, and because of this, we have thousands of options for used sedan car doors.

Used SUV Doors

If your beautiful SUV has suffered a dent or damage, let us at American Dismantling help. We can get you a quality replacement so that your vehicle looks and functions at it best again.

Used Door Shells

A door shell is a pre-assembled outer skin and entire door frame. All car doors are made of a frame to which trim and window components are added, as well as an outer metal layer that is attached to the outside of the frame.

A door shell includes both the outer skin and the door frame, and the door frame also includes the metal window surround (unless the vehicle uses frameless windows).

American Dismantling - Car Parts - Used Complete Doors

Used Complete Doors

You may want to purchase a complete door, not just the door shell. A complete door will include any wiring, locking mechanisms, speakers, etc., instead of just the skin, frame, and window surround.

Used Door Handles

The more your exterior car door handle is used, the more wear and tear it’s going to experience. This could lead to it becoming faulty or easily jammed, or perhaps you’re just tired of it slipping out of your hand.

The bottom line is, you use your car door handle enough that it should work perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll get frustrated with it.

We have thousands of exterior car door handles in stock, including chrome, black, and body color.

American Dismantling - Car Parts - Used Door Mirrors and Side View Mirrors

Used Door Mirrors And Side View Mirrors

Car side view mirrors are very easily destroyed by a wide variety of causes — including sideswiping a tree, kids smacking them, and running into posts. They also get stolen fairly often, as they make an easy target.

But not to worry. We have a huge inventory of used car door mirrors and side view mirrors, and we’re sure to have what you need.

Get Your Used Car Door Mirror Today!

Car mirrors of any kind are extremely important. Don’t drive without them! Look through our inventory and see if we have what you need. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us with any questions.