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Used Rear End For Sale, Axles, And Differentials

If you’re looking for a replacement for your rear axle, you’ve come to the right place. At American Dismantling, we have hundreds of used axles and rear differentials in stock to help get your car or truck back on track.

A rear end, or a “rear axle assembly”, allows the transfer of power from your transmission to your wheels. An axle houses the differential, axle shafts, bearings, seals, and mounts that are needed to make this power transfer work.

Each of our used differentials for sale are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and have been carefully inspected by our automotive experts.

American Dismantling - Car Parts - Axles

Axles For Sale

Your axles transfer power from the engine to your wheels. Although this is a very strong part and they typically last a very long time, they do sometimes run into trouble.

What happens? Well, axles simply wear out over time and need to be replaced. Or, sometimes axle seals can leak, which causes the axle to wear out prematurely. Other problems include lubricant leaking out, or and water and dirt getting in and contaminating the gears. This can sometimes result in unfamiliar noises coming from the axle area of your vehicle.

If you’re looking for this part, you’re in luck. At American Dismantling, we have plenty of rear axles for you to choose from, and we will find the right match for your vehicle.

Differentials For Sale

Differentials allow the axle (therefore the wheels) to turn at the correct speeds, and it works by using a complex system of gears. A whirring noise from the rear differential area of your vehicle probably means that you need a replacement.

Different vehicles have different gear ratios (how fast they spin), so it’s important to be able to find the exact used rear end differential gear ratio that matches your car or truck.

At our facility, we have used differentials for sale with any gear ratio. And if you don’t know yours, we can determine it for you in order to ensure your car will run properly.

4×4 Rear End Axles And Differentials For Sale

If you’re looking for a used 4×4 rear end axle or differential, we will have what you need. We have used rear end parts for 4×4/4WD vehicles, as well as AWD vehicles.

All-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles will typically have three differentials: front, rear, and center. This is designed to distribute turning force between the axles. Four-wheel drive (4WD) systems have only two differentials and a transfer case. Two-wheel drive vehicles have one axle, and 4WD vehicles have two.

No matter what type of vehicle you have, our professionals at American Dismantling can help you find what you need.

American Dismantling - Car Parts - Differentials

Used Rear Axles For Trucks

A truck’s parts can often accumulate wear and damage because trucks are often used for hauling and towing. If you have a truck and you’re looking to replace your rear axle, we have you covered. We have a wide selection of used rear axles and differentials especially for trucks.

Used Rear Axles For SUVs

SUVs are often family cars, and therefore safety is even more important than usual. This is why it’s absolutely critical to know that your SUV is running as well as possible, with all parts in working order. If you need a rear axle replacement for your SUV, let us know. We will have what you’re looking for!

Used Rear Axles For Sedans

If your sedan’s rear axle or differential has worn out, or you think it might be, consult our auto professionals at American Dismantling. We can help you find the right replacement for your car. We have a wide variety of hundreds of rear axles to select from.

Check Our Inventory For Your Used Differential

Whether you need a used rear axle for your SUV, sedan, or truck, we can help. Our OEM parts have all been carefully inspected by our professional team, and we will do everything we can to help get your vehicle going again! Take a look at our inventory tool, stop by our facility, or simply call us to find out more.