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Used Car Front Fenders And Quarter Panels For Sale

If your front fender or quarter panel have been damaged, dented, or scratched, you may be in the market for a replacement.

At American Dismantling, we have hundreds of different used front fenders and used rear quarter panels for sale to get your vehicle back to looking great again. Each of our fenders and panels are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to ensure quality.

Front Fenders For Sale

“Fender bender” is a common phrase because, well, it happens often. Usually caused by minor accidents, fender benders typically require a fender replacement. You may also find yourself in need of a used front fender if yours gets badly scraped or otherwise damaged.

Check out our wide variety of front fenders via our inventory tool, visit our facility in person, or call us to see what we have. We will find the right front fender for your vehicle.

American Dismantling - Car Parts - Rear Quarter Panels

Rear Quarter Panels For Sale

Rear quarter panels generally get damaged when the driver backs into something, parking is miscalculated, or the vehicle gets side swiped. If you find yourself in need of a rear quarter panel replacement, our auto professionals can help.

At American Dismantling, we have a giant stock of used rear quarter panels for sale, and you’re sure to find the right match for your car within our facility.

Buy Used Truck Fenders

Because pickup trucks are so often used for hauling, it’s very common for them to get easily damaged because of the manual labor that surrounds them.

If you need a replacement fender for your truck, we have you covered. We carry fenders for both short and long truck beds in a wide variety of makes and models. Take a look through our inventory or call us to see what we have in stock.

SUV Fenders and Quarter Panels

If you own an SUV and need a front fender or back quarter panel replacement, let us know. We specialize in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) front fenders and quarter panels for SUVs of all kinds. We will be happy to help you get your SUV back to its best condition!

American Dismantling - Car Parts - Sedan Fenders and Quarter Panels

Sedan Fenders and Quarter Panels

Got a sedan that needs a front fender or back quarter panel replacement? Our inventory includes hundreds of used fenders and quarter panels to fit nearly any late-model sedan. Let us help you find what you need to keep you going in style.

Get Your Used Front Fender Or Rear Quarter Panel Today!

Whether you need a used front fender or a used rear quarter panel, we can get you what you need quickly and conveniently, at an affordable price.

Take advantage of our inventory tool, stop by our facility in person, or talk to one of our auto experts by phone to see what we can do for you. We provide free local delivery to Los Angels, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino County, and we also ship worldwide.