Gear Shifter

Used Gear Shifter For Sale – Automatic & Manual

When it comes to interior car parts, one of the most important parts is the gear shifter. The gear shifter knob controls your vehicles able to move forward, reverse, stay in neutral, and park. We have a variety of gear shifters for many different vehicle brands as well as automatic and manual gear shift.

Used Gear Shifter For Trucks For Sale

When it comes to trucks the gear shifter is found in different places depending on the make, year, and model of the truck. Gear shift knobs can be found on the steering column, on the dashboard, or even in the center console area. No matter the make or model we have a gear shifter for your truck. All of our gear sticks are original engine manufacturer (OEM) and tested to ensure they work properly.

Gear Shifter

Used Gear Shifter For SUVs For Sale

Similar to trucks, gear shifters for SUVs can be found on the dash, around the steering column, or in the center console depending on the make or model of your vehicle. This part can often succumb to wear and tear due to repeated and rough use, making it one of the car parts that often gets damaged. We have a wide selection of gear shifters for SUVs in our extensive inventory for you to find the perfect fit.

Used Gear Shifter For Sedans For Sale

Most all gear sticks on sedans are located in the center console. These can get damaged from wear and tear over time whether it’s functional damage or aesthetic damage like a tear in leather or torn rubber/vinyl. Our team inspects every part to ensure that the used gear shift knob you get works properly.

Automatic Gear Shift

Automatic gear shifts are the most common and popular type of gear shifts available. Automatic transmissions make it easy for drivers to cruise to their destination without having to worry about shifting gears. Because they’re so popular we have a massive selection of automatic gear shifts for most all vehicles whether it’s a truck, SUV, or sedan. All of our automatic gear shifts are original engine manufacturer (OEM) and tested for proper functionality.

Manual Gear Shift

Manual Gear Shift

Many car enthusiasts still love the manual gear shift. Manual transmission vehicles give the driver more control and allow them to shift gears when they need to. While there are less manual vehicles available these days, there is still a need to replace the manual gear shift in older vehicles. Because of that we offer a wide selection of manual gear shifts that are inspected and ready to install in your vehicle today.

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At American Dismantling we pride ourselves on our wide selection of gear shifters to ensure that every customer gets the exact fitment that they need for their vehicle. All of our parts are OEM and inspected to ensure quality. Check out our inventory today for your used car part needs.